Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pug FTW! And Pug FTL :(

This week has been an interesting mix of Pugs.

One of Memento's Guildies, Takkarian, is working on the Shadowmourne quest line... Kind of. We don't have enough people to hold a pug-free ICC 10 man, so we sure as heck can't do a 25 man. So Takk finds a pug for  ICC25 every week that he can, hoping to pick up the blood that he needs.

I'm BrewMastering on Ann, minding my own business, happily Zooming along on a racing ram, when Takk says that some DPS dropped group, and if I would like to come, I would.

They're on Rotface. There is one other person in there that has the Shadowmourne quest, and Mr. Paladin already has the blood from Rotface, and since Takk already has the blood from Festergut. It's a win-win situation. All we have to do is successfully smash Rotface's head into the floor.

I generally don't like to get pulled into the middle of raids, but  there are some really good looking items that drop from Rotface (Namely Corpse-Impaling Spike and Dislodged Foreign Object), Takk needed the people to down Rotface so he could get the blood, and It's Sunday evening. So I go.

I think that 20 out of 25 people had no idea what they were doing in there. We wiped 3 times, because people weren't getting cleansed, the kiter kept getting hit by the Big Ooze, and no one was focusing heals on the kiting tank. The second pull was so much fun though. As soon as we walked in the door, the Pally tank does his I NEED AGGRO NOW thing, and I cast slow. Rotface runs over to where I'm standing and smashes me in the face, thinking that I'm the tank. I spend the entire fight dead on the floor. Now, dying once is acceptable, we regroup, figure out where we messed up, and fix it. Twice is sort of miserable. Third time, we get a little farther, and we still get smashed in the face, probably before he hits 80% health.
The raid leader calls it. There are no BOE's or Saronites to roll on, I get no frosties, and I now cannot do ICC 25 during this lockout. Thank you fail pug of failness. You are Abysma-Terribad.

Monday night rolls around, and there's an ICC 25 pug that I want to get in on my priest! Score, There is another guildy or 2 in there, and figure it's a good place to be. Asherrylie can use a lot of upgrades from ICC 25. (A LOT!) I can't go. My GS is "Too Low" even though in 10-man I've healed Dreamwalker, and Healed through Sindragosa (still not successfully, but we'll get there eventually). This dude doesn't even have the balls to whisper me back to tell me I can't go, instead he says it in Raid chat to my guildies who are trying to get me a spot.

I find a raid that is a 10-man looking for "Exceptional DPS", so I get on Ann and hoof it over there. Mara is on, so we both team up to try to win at this run.

Let me tell you that it was amazing. Darkened Cross from Hydraxis-US, you made our night. We got through the first 6 bosses without a hitch, and Mara and I learned some new phrases "We've got some Angry cloth Shoulders here, if anyone wants them".

We get to PP and wipe like 3 times, but, it's a Pug, and we kept getting blown up by oozes, it happens and Professor is a pain in the butt anyways. Mara and I have a hoot of a night, laughing at how much fun this is, and how this is probably one of the best PUG's we've been in in a very long time. We're practically rolling on the floor before we get to log off for the night, and we were on kind of late for us... but it was totally worth it.

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