Saturday, September 25, 2010

Internet Dragons, we are killing (Or healing) them.

So this past week I got to go on my priest Asherrylie, to heal Lower Spire + Dragons. Now, Memento Mori also had Aioka, a Disc priest (with whom Ash's gear is pretty close) and Mord, who is a crazy good Holy Pally. Mord has single healed most of Lower Spire before, So it's safe to say that two lesser geared priests are not going to be the bane of Memento Mori's existence. He actually Solo Healed Saurfang that night, asking Aioka and I to go Shadow (Which wouldn't have made much of a difference anyways, Our DPS is probably 5.5k and 4.8k respectively) But we managed to down Deathbringer Saurfang before any marks went out.

Now, you're thinking that if we healed Dreamwalker successfully, (Which we did) that it probably looked like this:
Priests on Raid and Pally on Dragon.

Let me tell you that it was completely the opposite. Mord healed the raid (I know, a paladin, raid healing? I told you that Mord is a crazy good paladin), and Aioka and I Healed Dreamwalker up while gathering green bubbles of awesomeness. So we won that fight, huzzah, huzzah.

Then we go to Sindragosa.

I might point out that Memento is still lacking 10 solid Raid members... so we had to PUG out 2 (or was it 3) spots.

Only one of our raid members has ever seen this fight, let alone killed her successfully. And it's actually not our Raid Leader. So (hopefully) all of us have been studying the Tankspot videos throughout the week so that we know how to DPS Sindy in the face (or rather... the side).

Things went fairly well actually. Sure there were a few points in time when we killed Ice Blocks faster than we should have in the first phase, and took a lot of damage, and it really sucks when you get pulled in because you have to turn your camera all funny and what not, but we always got her to the last phase (the point when you're only supposed to have one ice block out at a time), but at that point, we don't really know what we're doing.  More specifically, we are standing where we're not supposed to be, and a lot of people get blocked, which is really bad for the raid. We wipe 2 or 3 times at this particular point, and after it being past our bedtimes, we decide it's enough  for the night.

Next week, we should spend some more time on Sindy, as well as roll face in the plague wing, and hope that the Blood wing goes down faster than it did the week before (to be fair, it was our first night in there, and we did successfully down it, but we wiped quite a few time, and if we want to smash Sindy's face some more, we'll need to be a little quicker).

Arthas, We're coming for you!


  1. I doubt Lich Kingsley is shaking in his boots just yet. Sindy has proved to be a rather formidable defense. But we'll get there. Oh yes. Soon it will be our turn to ask Santa Arthas for phat lewt.

  2. Sindragosa is all practice practice practice! =)

    We ended up bringing in a high rollin' friend (6K dps) to go with our resident 6K dps boomkin. Together they were able to balance things out a bit more on the dps end. We used three healers and two tanks.

    Don't use the tankspot strategy for her CrazyEnragedDragonPhase. We instead had the first person to get blocked stand by her front legs, then as that one wore off, the next person went to her BACK legs. Everyone drops their stacks everytime, except healers -- if you can't see the tank just stay out 1 round, but be sure to tell your other healers over vent...

    With this strategy, as long as everyone was paying attention to 1) their stacks of magic 2) if they were the ice block or not, it eventually became a cakewalk.

    I'd say we spent about 15 wipes on her before we realized that we needed to do the front leg/back leg strat. After that, it was smoooooooth sailing. =)

    Sorry to leave a long winded comment but I hope it gives you a little bit more info than the tankspot video =)

    Congratulations on your progress and remember, Sindragosa and TLK are not too hard at all, just a lot of learning the strategy, learning where to stand, learning the mechanics and what the spells do. After that, as long as you are standing in the right spot and casting *something* you are OK =)