Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casting Resurrection on Blog!!

So Blogging? I haven't blogged since the end of Wrath. And I tell myself that every time I hit a large milestone that I'm gong to start blogging again. So here's attempt number... 3?

Meet Ashe. Resident of Team Heals over at Eff the Ineffable. She didn't start over there though, once, she was a lowly alt over on Hydraxis, rolled because trying to raid (or even dungeon) with 3 core ranged DPS (and that's about it at the time) was not going to happen!

When the cataclysm hit, her guild went through a lot of changes, and then it was decided to transfer over to another guild.. Then another.. Until Finally, she found a home with her old guild mates Takk, Sen and Mara over at EtI. So she packed up all of her things, brought over some heirlooms with her just in case, and she was sucked up through the Internets (Probably the 4th or 5th dimension) and landed on US-Azuremyst.

Now, Ashe is not only a healer, but a face melting shadow priest when she is needed, which is what she was called on to do tonight! Our Blackwing Descent cleanup was tonight, and through Atramedies, she was happily melting as many faces of as many bad guys as she could.

Then, one of our healers stepped out so that a DPS could come in and get achievement from Chimaeron, so if we gain a DPS,and lose a healer, Ashe is the one who gets to switch, being raid ready in both her heal and shadow specs.

So Chimaeron went by smoothly, Ashe healed the Double Attack tank, (And was sad because that fight is not good for smite-healing). We went to Nef, and then it got messy.

The first attempt, There was only a Tank with Ashe at her pillar. Now Lol-smiting can do some dps.. but only around 4k usually. Needless to say that attempt didn't go well. Then a few more wipes happened for silly reasons here or there (also for caster dps with instants, don't cast as you're falling into the pit with Ony to get your dots or whatever up on her asap. You get aggro pretty quickly, and Ashe even got hollered at for doing this in previous guilds, Whoops!)

Then, I don't know how we did it, but the Effers managed to break Vent. Then we broke BWD. Not like we won, but Nefarian actually forgot that he was supposed to attack the target with the most threat. Orv had tons of threat, and all of the healers faces kept getting nommed on, Nef wouldn't move from the middle, and he just decided he was going to do whatever he felt like instead of paying attention to things like Threat. Whoops.

Good job Eff the Ineffable, we broke Nefarian.


  1. I think that Nef finally figured out if he killed my healers first I couldn't stand there and eat his fire breaths to my face forever anymore. The bosses... they're learning! Or the encounter bugged. One of those two.

  2. Kotak was also dead wrong about the whole "not taking damage when you jump down". You totally do! Levitate was win for that one, so that I wasn't behind on healing the tank before I even started.

    We broke WoW.